Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter

One year anniversary of this blog and also the last post of this blog.

When I chose the title of the blog out of the many church signs I've chosen for the posts in this blog, the image of Jesus as with his fully human and fully God, that came to my mind was from the Passion of Christ movie, when Mary his mother remembered the moments they shared together when Jesus designed a table that introduce the new way of sitting around it, and said, "This is how rich people would sit around the table."

The image in my mind meant so much to me, just to remind me that:

  • Jesus had lived the life on earth. He knew exactly when we were sad, angry, love, laugh, and only one thing He doesn't share with us, that is sin. To know that before He started his ministry, he grew up learning the carpenter skills from his stepdad (Joseph). He lived as we live, He learned and he worked, until he was thirty and started his ministry.
  • Jesus creates. Although He was called rabbi and teacher, part of his character as a carpenter reminds me that he created, he cultivated creativity.
  • Because of this image, people had a hard time to understand who He is, and thus started the entire rejection of his come a poor boy from Nazarene who's a son of a carpenter claimed himself to be the Son of God...
This year had been an amazing year for me, writing the blog had been helping me to clear up my mind, and helping me to put the thoughts on surface, take what I need and throw away the useless ones...It is one of my ways to bless God and to love God because He loves me first. It has built my faith and my hope in Him. It has pointed to me my fault, my failures, and help me surrender more of my life to Him so that He can accomplish what He wants to accomplish in me. It has helped me to go through pain and laughter and inspired me to write, to create, and to think of who I can be.

One thing I will leave this blog with, Jesus is NOT just a Jewish Carpenter to me, he's my savior.

O, and this is the new blog address: http: long is now...